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Oct 18, 2017
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The Committee wishes all members a warm welcome.

Please click on Programme to see forthcoming meeting dates and speakers.

The Committee offer a full programme, with a few favourite speakers returning and some interesting new speakers

VENUE and TIME of our meetings

All meetings start at 2pm in the Bagnall Hall, 25, Sackville Road, Bexhill, TN39 3JD - through the double glass doors to the right of Bexhill Caring Community shop. In the interval, tea & biscuits are served and a raffle is available. Meetings are planned to end at 4pm approx. and are held on the 2nd TUESDAY of the month (not August).


If you have a problem finding transport to get to a meeting the Committee may be able to find you a lift. Please telephone Christine Warwick, 01424 214103
























Tuesday 14 January:

We were entertained by Jackie Mannell who gavea talk on how everyday items in the home could affect your diabetes.


Tuesday 11 February:

Our 8th AGM and Membership renewal time.  The cost will be £6.00 for 2020/21.    At present we still do not have a Chairman and therefore Committee Members take it in turns to chair monthly meetings until a suitable Chairman can be found.    We will also be requesting volunteers to make the tea/coffee on a rota basis.  The AGM was followed by a talk from Ted Kemp, Chairman & Sussex Police Volunteer, Rother Neighbourhood Watch.  Members were shown videos on how easy it was for scammers to persuade you to part with your money.  We were also advisd on how to keep our homes secure and how to deter burglars.


Tuesday 10 March :

Jasmin Grey is booked to show us gentle chair exercises.  This will help the less active keep healthy.


April - Spring lunch sometime this month – date and menu to be advised in February.


Tuesday 14 April:

Amanda Combes, diabetic Nurse from the Conquest Hospital will be advising on diet.   Please note her talk will not commence until 3pn.


Tuesday 12 May:

Nadine Searle will be showing us how to relax.


08-14 June – DIABETES WEEK


Tuesday 09 June:

Dr Bhaskaran will be attending and giving us an update on what is happening locally in the Diabetes world.


Tuesday 14 July:

Erwin Castro, Diabetic Nurse Consultant, based at the Conquest Hospital, will hold a question and answer session.




Tuesday 08 September:

A talk funded by the Co-op called Tax, Care & Toy Boys!!


October – Autumn Lunch during this month – date and menu to be advised in July


Tuesday 13 October:

A return visit from Wiltshire Farm Foods.


Tuesday 10 November:

Karen Pearson talking about “Health In Mind”


Tuesday 08 December:

Christmas Festivities















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